Property Development Finance 101


Taking the Road to Successful Building One Step at a Time Transactions that involve large amount of money, particularly commercial property loan applications, always come with complex terms and conditions. This is because all parties involved are trying to protect their own interest by avoiding or eliminating as much risk as possible. Most property developers [...]

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Steps to reduce your debt (how to get out of your debt)


A debt or loan is the money you owe to someone, but from the financial context - is a contract held between issuer and borrower on a prefixed rate of interest to repay the original amount for a particular maturity period (or span of bond). You would find many debt instruments that are available in [...]

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Is Investment in Gold Good or Bad?


The precious yellow metal has been one of the ancient discoveries of human civilisation that exhibits elemental properties of transition- (bonds with other metals), shiny, soft in nature, non toxic, ductile (stretch into gold threads), malleable (break into thin sheets), un-reactive (does not corrode) with highest purity measured in 24 carats of gold. Different Ways [...]

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Importance of money in our life.


Money is the most important factor of survival in today's generation. Whether it be paperbound or the virtual presence the value of it is what defines everything in the world. It's not compulsory for a person to be an economist to understand the importance of money in the world. Just like a person needs food [...]

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How do Banks Earn Profit


Banks, in general, are financial institutions who accept money from savers as deposits, provide loans/advances to individual or firms in need of money and make investments for those who want to secure their future. It’s easier, to sum up how banks earn money in just four simple ways- 1) The interest paid by people for [...]

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